We have brew by the cup Monk Shots

A Note From The Mystic Monks




There are only two weeks left until the most joyful day of Christmas!
We at the monastery are growing more excited by the day as we prepare for the Nativity of Our Lord.

After years of research and development, we are proud to release our Monk-Shots single serve coffee cups!

Our Monk-Shots are compatible with all major single serve brewers including Keurig ®, Breville ®, Mr. Coffee ® and Cuisinart ®, single-serve machines. We’ve packed a lot of coffee into each Monk-Shot, making for a stronger, richer brew than any other single serve pod available.

Mystic Monk Blend is our first available coffee – we made a 12oz mug of it today using the Monk-Shot and the flavor was incredibly rich and smooth.  We really enjoy our Monk-Shot coffee and I think you will too.

[ You can get our Mystic Monk Blend Monk-Shots and support Catholic Men Chicago Southland here ]

There’s not much time left until Christmas, so if you need your order to arrive before Christmas, we highly recommend placing it in the next few days to ensure it arrives in time.  You can see all of our Christmas products here

Thank you for your support – the monks are truly appreciative!

May God Bless you,

The Carmelite Monks





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