Weekly Write-Up: It’s Not About Reslolutions. It’s About Lifestyle.

Frank J. CasellaExecutive Director
Frank J. Casella
Executive Director

by Frank J. Casella, Executive Director










From the Apple to the Heart
©2013 From the Apple to the Heart ( from Frank’s Photo Journal )






A year ago I started on a weight loss program, and so far today I’ve lost about 35lbs.  I say ‘about’ because I stayed off the scale, didn’t make it a project or a new years resolution, but made it my lifestyle.  The program that I went on was The Light Weigh, which is about spiritual growth with the by-product of weight loss.

This time of year you can’t help but find in all the media channels offers for health clubs, weight loss, and the like.  Diet programs I’ve heard are one of the biggest businesses in the USA.  This is because we have a ‘super size’ culture.  We have more food available, for less cost, than anywhere else in the world.

What helped me to lose weight was not so much the portion control, but the purpose.  All the food that I gave up was in the form of prayer for a special intention each day.  You see, God gives us this hole in our hearts.  Many of us fill that hole with food or some other vice. Instead we should fill that void with Jesus, so that we have Christ in our hearts. Food is what I worshiped, and is what separated me from a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

One key then to establish Christ as the center of your life is to make it a lifestyle, and not a program, religion, or resolution.

What is separating you from a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?  Spend some time in prayer and ask God to reveal to you what you should know and do to become more like Himself.  Then wait for the answer.  He will speak to you through the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Prayer, Relationships, Circumstances, or People in the Church.  Keep your eyes open for “God moments” and ask your Guarding Angels for guidance.   Let me know how this works for you and how your prayers were answered.

What are some ways that you have developed a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, or to grow in holiness?  Please let me know below.  I read each and every comment.





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