A Man’s Prayer

Many Catholic Men find this prayer to be meaningful and a personal game changer in their quest towards holiness. Click the link and download it for your self or someone you know. God bless your day!

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A Mans Prayer.Copyright Bishop Joseph N. Perry.All Rights Reserved

A Man’s Prayer

Jesus, my Lord and Savior; I don’t pray as often as I ought.  But, I trust you know my heart.

Forgive me for the times I have not beena dutiful son, obeying the commandments, and making my life a sacrifice in tribute to your sacrifice on Calvary to forgive my sins.

I need your powerful graces, O Lord, to live for you alone through my dedication to serve my family and friends, and my Church.  Watch over all those who are important to me.

Help me shed what is unworthy in me that my heart and soul may ever increasingly absorb your goodness.

Give me not riches but a discerning heart to do always that which is good despite the cost to me.

Help me Lord to be a Christian servant to others, to lead them where I want to go and be, your kingdom promised to all who acknowledge you to be Lord, forever and ever.  Amen.

© 2010 Bishop Joseph N. Perry

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